Sunday, January 14, 2007

mac - iMovie

iMovie is in the mac-world a very nice and very fast
video-editing program. I produce all my student
presentations with it.
in case you have used the IMPORT function
for designs or photos you might have noticed that all
your pictures were cropped.
to avoid that, I developed an iMovie field-guide.
just download it, move your image in photoshop within
the middle field. then import the w h o l e picture
into iMovie and your image will fit.
my version is iMovie 4.0.1 - let me know if it works
the same with other versions.
here in far east we still have major problems with the
internet. late dec. 2006 in a major earthquake near
taiwan some of the ocean cables for internet- and
phone connections were damaged. the repair will take
a while. so, my posts will not be as frequent as before
for some weeks...

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