Tuesday, March 28, 2006

that made my day

I just read that DISNEY's 'GNOMEO and JULIET'
is finally cancelled. apparently a PIXAR executive
asked in a meeting about it 'why are we making it?'
and after a long silence 'well, then not.'
in summer 2001 some morons in the studio asked
me to work on this piece of..
I asked the same question and pointed out
serious problems with a guy named shakesp..something.
they told me it was a phantastic story about love
in the garden gnome community.
can you imagine, they spent money on t h a t
within the last 5 years. hopefully the pixar
judges find the guys responsible for that.
what a nice day!

Friday, March 17, 2006

good old days

on harald siepermann's blog I saw a reproduction
of one of the first ALFRED J.KWAK drawings.
here is that same pose drawn some time later
for one of herman van veen's music collections 

in 1989 I worked at disney together with DAAN JIPPES
on the preproduction of BEAUTY and the BEAST. because
I had to finish a lot more illustrations for harald's
and my own ALFRED J.KWAK series, I asked daan to help
me out. and he did. he drew and inked 6 covers,
I forgot for what. and I colored them.

alfred fighting against the environmental stupidity.
I think that became a poster, sometime in 1986

in 1990 we, that is harald siepermann, herman van veen
and me, got the GERMAN GOLDEN CAMERA award for the creation
of the comic strip and tv-series ALFRED J.KWAK. for that
occasion and some publicity we did this one...

we had lots of ideas, alfred in all different roles. here
as the little red ridin' kwak. unfortunately we never 
realised all these plans

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

next book

the publisher wants to have the 'production design'
book on the market before christmas this year.
and I wanted to retire, enjoy the good life at the
beach and - no stress!
but I enjoy the work ...
so, there will be only posts once in a while,
sorry about that -