Wednesday, April 12, 2006

nothing ever changes, - or does it?

as some of you probably know - versailles did not have
any toilet! what?! - I am not kidding. such a huge castle,
and no toilet. well, king louis XIV ( 14. ) of france, le
roi-soleil - the sun king, had versailles built. he had his
big parties there and meetings with the senior vice-
presidents, his courtisanes and some other influental
clientele. during the meetings, parties and other pretty
important gatherings it would have been deadly for the
participants to leave for a pee or else. for that reason
there was straw on the floor in every room, women were
wearing these very wide rokoko dresses that
made it easy to hide doings beneath. men just releived
themselves wherever they were standing. it must have
been a pretty strong smell. no wonder the french
invented the perfume. people were so dirty, no toilet -
no shower, that they developed skin diseases. well even
for that some smart guys had a solution, the powdered
faces and beauty marks ( where the heavy damaged skin
areas were ). in case the hair had suffered, you had to wear
a wig. the wig fashion was born.

I recommend DANGEROUS LIAISONS, a phantastic movie
that takes place during that period of time.
it must have been some disgusting fun.
hans christian andersen got the idea and wrote THE
EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES. I am sure you know the

all that went through my mind when I had to attend
presentations in the disney studio, especially in the later
years during the reign of king thomas the shoemaker.
there were toilets in the studio and nobody was wearing
wigs or too much aftershave. but there were similarities!
tom had a theatre background. maybe that's why he always
showed up with this incredible big entourage
of bla-bla's, vice presidents, under-senior vice and
under-presidents. and all of them were so important.
they stood around and were nodding all the time.
and together they screwed up one project after another.
tom was an amazing actor. he was a one-man show. the
entourage was the stage like in the classic greek theatre.
it was better than letterman. I even told him once.
he had to be admired for that.
le studio, c'est moi!

all that is history already. there is new hope.
and things are changing!
such a shame that so much energy and money has been spent
over the years to keep that 'theatre' alive...

Thursday, April 6, 2006

more from the book

this is another planned double page.
sorry when I am not posting more often,
that book is a lot of work..