Tuesday, January 2, 2007


most of you have probably never seen this masterpiece,
sorry - another one! it was animated within 5 years by
hungarian animator/painter JOSEF GEMES. "HEROIC TIMES"
or the original title - 'dalias idoek'. 1985, same year grand
prize in annecy. he animated the whole film with acrylic
color on glass. it is a beautiful m o v i n g p a i n t i n g !

hope I don't bore you repeating myself - you might notice
a little bit of a difference between these traditional 'hand-
made' films and most of the ... crap you might, or maybe
not, have watched recently. and I am not excluding
'underwater'- or 'route 66' operas. or worse -
some still existing 'anime' stuff.

I will continue to bore you -
too bad - NEW YEAR's resolution!

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