Thursday, April 5, 2007

too much...

as you might have noticed the slow disappearing
of my posted artwork in 2 steps over the last
3 days.
this is getting too much. I am afraid some morons
don't quite know what the hell they are doing.
so - my consequence - sorry, but I am not posting
anything anymore.
this blogging system was supposed to be kind of
a personal diary 'ersatz' in the very beginning, as
far as I remember. these google business guys
encouraged everybody to post their whole life
in words and pictures. of course for their profit,
the more people watch the stuff the more advertising
they can sell.
now, I am afraid, the system got a bit out of hand.
too many users, probably not enough problem
solvers at google, and maybe - who gives a damn.
that's the point where I leave the boat.
not the first time, - that's why I left countries


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