Wednesday, September 13, 2006

...some more history

1989 - the BEAUTY and the BEAST gang in paris after the
loire reference trip

1981 - the animation center of hanna-barbera productions
on cahuenga in L.A.

1989 - after the loire trip in tours waiting for
the train to paris

1981 - elfriede fischinger and some of her treasures, originals
of her husband oscar fischinger's work

1989 - the BEAUTY and the BEAST preproduction group
in burbank, don hahn, patty peraza, daan jippes, jean gilmore, me,
andreas deja, jill and dick purdum, tina price, mel shaw, glen keane

1993 - luc desmarchelier working on a master-background
for BALTO in london's amblimation

the final background

1980 - eric larsen, one of the nicest disney 9 old men, and me

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