Saturday, August 12, 2006

more historic pictures

uli meyer at the forum in london-camden town,
animating dumbo for ROGER RABBIT 3-1987

uli meyer and harald siepermann in a london pub 2-1987

tom sito and me at purdum productions in london 9-1989
working on BEAUTY and the BEAST, the trashed version

phil nibbelink at the forum london camden town 3-1987
jumping through ROGER RABBIT

story meeting on BEAUTY and the BEAST 1989 in L.A.

mel shaw working on BEAUTY and the BEAST in london 1989

daan jippes storyboarding on BALTO at amblimation in
london 1993

amblimation in london with simon wells 1992

storymeeting with bob zemeckis at amblin L.A. 1987

some of daan jippes' and my earliest characterdesigns
for BEAUTY and the BEAST

after my work on ALADDIN with some of the team,
richard vanderwende,, on the left
in front of me

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