Wednesday, February 1, 2006 sorry

first I would like you to read this
article in case you are interested in
disney animation

when I heard about the changes at disney with
john lasseter and steve jobs taking over I
thought, there is still justice in this
and it is getting better and better! john
apparently told my beloved disney middle-
management - "If you don't draw for a living,
then you really don't belong in this building."
the building is the outside art/inside useless
animation building.
that really makes me so sad. as far as I remember,
there were more managers in that building than
artists when I left. should be pretty empty soon.

and I like his ideas about WDI a lot too. why could
all that not have happened a few years earlier?
there would have been much better films and a
lot of artists now spread around the globe
would still work together.

I can't wait for the next happy news.

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