Friday, January 20, 2006

for fun...

in some of my earlier posts I mentioned that
I like calligraphy. before letraset came on
the market I got used to do my own lettering
and play with different variations.
during my work in animation I designed several
title-logos, some were used, others were not.
you might have seen ALADDIN and ROGER RABBIT.
during my work on MULAN I used a very unusual
lettering for all my designs. they liked it
and a computer experienced artist created the
first DISNEY movie specific font. the font was
only on our computers in-house available.
it took me a while to find out how he did it.
but then I bought the software FONTOGRAPHER
and created all my own fonts they were in the
drawers for years. some of them I sold to
AGFA-MONOTYPE/ITC. but most of them are in my
own collection.
here are some...

in one of the next posts I will show the other
about 20 or 30 fonts I have prepared. it takes
a while, because it is my secret hobby.

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